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Our Team of Professionals will assist you in the planning, launching  and implementation of your project. 


24/7 Dispatching, Technical Support and Ticket management are all updated in real time., so you can track your project closely.

Our Project Teams and Field Service Technicians are committed to your Success.

About Us!

Managed Installation Services Group LLC is the evolutionary product of Premium Service and successful project management with  clients in the US and Canada,

requiring Quality Certified Lead Technicians and Smartcrews.


Our Lead Technicians and Smartcrews implement a critical focus on detail, reliability and flexibility.  

Our talented and skilled labor force has allowed us to focus our efforts in maintaining a long term, professional, logistical solution to fit every workforce need.


In 2006 our primary strategy expanded into the Digital Signage, POS, Audio/Visual and Entertainment needs of an ever increasing hospitality and retail market. The digital media explosion in the market today has given MISG the opportunity to work with many major brands on a national and international scale.


Our Project Managers, Dispatchers and Technicians are trained in many facets of restaurant and retail innovations. Point of Sale, Digital media installations, low voltage cabling, Table Tracking, monitoring and paging systems are among the many services we offer.


Our Primary Mission is to provide local and national workforce solutions to assist your projects to completion with Quality workmanship on time, every time. 



Anything else is just Unacceptable

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